Bâteau décoration

Auberge Saint-Pierre

79 rue Saint-Pierre,
Québec City, QC
Canada G1K 4A3

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T. : 418.694.7981
Email: info@auberge.qc.ca
Booking: 1.888.268.1017

Susan Wilkinson
General Manager
418.694.2745 swilkinson@auberge.qc.ca

Mathieu Savard
Director of Operations
418.694.2744 msavard@auberge.qc.ca

Pascale Blanco
Director of Sales and Revenue
418.694.2747 pblanco@auberge.qc.ca

Ingrid Lemm
Director of Sales and Public Relations
418.694.2746 ilemm@auberge.qc.ca

Evelyne Charest
Front Office Manager
418.694.7981, ext. 603 echarest@auberge.qc.ca

Contact Us